Buy movie ticket directly from bKash App


Standing in line to purchase movie tickets can take forever. You may have to rush to get your snacks and end up missing the beginning of the movie. A popular movie might even sell out before you get there. The best way to avoid all these problems is to purchase movie tickets directly through bKash App ahead of time.

How to Purchase Movie Ticket from bKash App:

  • Log in to bKash App from your phone
  • Click on “Movie Tickets” icon on the homepage.
  • Select Movie Theater
  • Select Show Details:  
  1. Choose your preferred movie
  2. Choose Show Date
  3. Choose Theater
  4. Choose Show Time
  5. Choose Seat Class
  6. Choose No of Seats to be purchased
  • Enter 11 digit Mobile Number to receive confirmation from Blockbuster Cinemas  
  • Review selected show details and total amount to be paid to Blockbuster Cinemas
  • Click on ‘Pay Now’ for initiating payment
  • Make Payment

    • Complete payment by entering bKash A/C No, Verification Code and bKash PIN in the bKash Payment page

  • Ticket Purchase Confirmation:
  • Ticket Confirmation Page in bKash App: You can see ticket confirmation success page in bKash App along with Ticket Number.  

**We recommend you to take a screenshot of the Ticket Confirmation page that is shown to you from bKash App. This page contains the Ticket Number and will come handy if you somehow miss SMS from Blockbuster Cinemas

SMS Confirmation from Blockbuster Cinemas: You will receive SMS confirmation from Blockbuster Cinemas in your given mobile number.

  • Entry to The Theater
  • You will get an entry with a physical ticket by showing your e-ticket/SMS that you received from Blockbuster Cinemas after purchase of ticket from bKash App